Strategy and advocacy

Our fellows have advised many organisations spanning the globe across the spectrum of education from strategic planning, policy setting and monitoring & evaluation of major projects and programs.  

Research and events

CEA is committed to the provision of high-quality evidence-based advice to education leaders in public, private and civil society organizations who are seeking to connect and develop education.

Innovation & Dev

We are the leading education services provider that aims to disrupt and transform education by converging groundbreaking technologies with human capital in non-traditional ways.

Our mission

The Center for Applied Education is an independent organization based in Bucharest of extensive hands-on expertise in education, enabling education authorities, K-12 schools, higher education, individuals and corporates to realize the  path towards transformation & growth and contribute to empowerment of communities in distress to become  skilled, creative and productive for the world of tomorrow.

The value of education sits within its results

Our expertise 

We envision a future in which all students become thriving adults, able and empowered to lead personally meaningful lives and to contribute to their communities in practical and connected ways.

Digital education

CEA supports the use of emerging technologies in education to shape learning competences as well as innovation roadmapping for decision makers, schools and learners

Policy advisory

CEA is an organization devoted to bringing the insights of research and experts to bear on the development of policies that advance results-effective education policies

Quality and equality

By connecting policy makers, researchers and educators community groups, we seek to advance evidence-based policies and learning strategies that empower equitable learning for each and every child

Edtech product management

Education leadership is best taught when it synergizes strategy and resources. We seek growth of edtech companies and products who are willing to expand their commercial reach and get funding. 

Open Education

We support an approach based on openness, including collaboration, innovation and collective development for the use of open educational resources and democratization of education

Capacity building

Either by innovation, upskilling, program management or institutional remodelling, we look out for education ecosystems we partner with, across the entire spectrum: corporates, gov or charities